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​Don't you know? Mom doesn't want a gift!

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unique mother's day gifts ideas 2017

It might seem quite strange that an e-commerce company like ours shares a blog post with such a title. It turns out that, more than a business, Alpaca Warehouse is a family and a very close one. And being part of a family makes you see things from a different perspective.

Let's review the facts. Yes, an alpaca scarfa ruana, or a gorgeous and exotic poncho will light up mom's face with a smile. But the thing she will never forget (pay attention), is that her son or daughter took the time to visit her, call her or tell her how much she really means. Even if you arrive with your hands empty.

Yes, she would definitely look gorgeous on her alpaca garments. But nothing will make her happier than calling her friends to tell them that her son or daughter visited her home or being able to share on Facebook a pic of both of you together.

So, if you are going to give her something on this Mother's day, make it your presence, some sincere and meaningful words of what this wonderful woman truly means to you. If you would also like to give her a gift, you can browse our large selection of alpaca clothing and accessories.

But first, tell her you love her. Always.

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