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​10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alpaca Fiber

posted on 16th Oct 2014

Alpaca fiber

Interesting and Intriguing Facts about Alpaca Fiber

Due to their ingénue eyes, furry tufts and innocent face, Alpacas are considered as one of the cutest species of Camelidae family. But charming looks and quirky ways are not all these creatures have. They are known for producing one of the finest and silkiest fibers. Although the fiber is widely used in fashion industry, many people still don’t know much about it.

Here are some interesting facts about Alpacas fiber:

1. Fiber of Gods

Ancient South Americans used to call Alpaca fiber as the Fiber of Gods, because it was reserved for royal use only. Alpacas were bred in tribal areas of ancient Argentina, Bolivia etc and were considered as Royal Camelidaes.

2. Flame Resistant

Can you believe that Alpaca Fleece is actually flame resistant? Tested by experts, Alpaca is probably the only fiber found in the nature that shows 100% immunity against flame. This is the reason that Alpacas use their wool as their defense shield.

3. Color Variations

Alpacas are known for their looks. They are found in wide range of colors. Unlike sheep or llama wool, you can also find Alpaca fiber in peaches too. There are more than 200 shades of Alpaca fiber- interesting, isn’t it?

4. Water Resistant

If someone tells you that a fiber is actually water and moisture resistant, would you believe it? Well, that’s true in case of Alpaca fiber through. The fiber has natural insulation core that makes immune against water, this is the reason that Alpaca rugs and carpets are recommended for living areas and halls, because they don’t look dirty.

5. Alpacas Can Cross-Breed

Unlike other members of the Camelidae family, Alpacas can cross-breed. Manufacturers use cross-breeding technique to enhance the quality and expand upon the variety of Alpaca fleece.

6. Alpaca Fiber is Not Wool

Most people consider Alpaca fleece a kind of wool, but it is not. It has different texture and construction than wool.

7. Three Times Warmer

Alpaca fiber is almost 3 times warmer than sheep or any other kind of wall and almost 7 times stronger.

8. Natural Shine

Alpaca fiber consists of natural scale-like layers of fiber, which allows the light to pass through it and gives the fiber a glossy look.

9. Types

There are two types of Alpaca fiber available; primary and secondary. However, the secondary fiber is better in quality than primary, and used in garment industry.

10. Rugs and Carpets

Alpaca fiber is not only used for making garments, but also used for making rugs, carpets and throw blankets. 

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