posted on 26th May 2014

Our visit to Puno: Part 2 - Taquile Island

Everybody knows the Titicaca Lake (yes, that one which is the highest navigation-friendly lake in the world) but not a lot has been said about the islands which are in the lake. Well, probably that is

posted on 29th Apr 2014

The origin of the 'Chullo': a story of class and tradition

The chullo is a peruvian garment,an ancestral symbol of the andean culture, made by the ancient peruvians to protect themselves from the extreme cold in the Andean high places. The more traditio

posted on 19th Apr 2014

Our visit to Puno: Part 1 - Sillustani

As part of our business and tourism activities, we were in Puno last month. If you already don't know, Puno is where 49% of the alpacas in Peru live, and has a big artisans base, who made all kind of