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​How to Make a Style Statement with Alpaca Throw Blankets

posted on 3rd Sep 2014
​How to Make a Style Statement with Alpaca Throw Blankets

Alpaca Throw Blanket

Using Alpaca Throw Blanket for Interior Decoration

Ever thought of using throw blankets for decorating the house? Bizarre as it may sound, that’s the trend most home decorators are following these days. Alpaca throws are lightweight and dust and moisture resistant, therefore it is easier to handle them, rather than those bulky woolen blankets. Moreover, Alpaca fabric can be died to any color of rainbow, so if you want a cozy, elegant and colorful décor- put your Alpaca throw blankets to good use!

Creative Ways of Using Alpaca Blankets

Classy- Tuck Beneath

Tucking a colorful throwback beneath a sofa or chair is a great idea to add life to neutral furniture. All you need to do is make two or three neat horizontal folds of the blanket and tuck it beneath the sofa or chair, letting the major portion of the blankets fall freely. For a corner sofa or comfort chair, one blanket will do, but you might need two blankets for a 3-peron sofa.

Vintage- Waiter-Fall

Some styles are timeless like this one. You can use a small and thin throwback to drape one arm of the sofa with it, just like waiters do, that’s why the décor is called waiter-fall. Fold the blanket lengthwise (number of folds depends on the width of the blanket) and simply drape it causally over one arm of the sofa. Allow rest of the blanket to fall freely; this will give off a classy look.

Casual- Messy Floats

This style is perfect for the days when you are feeling too lazy to clean the mess around the house. Put those heavy furry blankets to use. Create some messy and fluffy folds and drape the blanket over the corner of the sofa.

Trendy- Cascades

Now this is one of the easiest ways of using a throw blanket for decorating your house. Take a small or medium sized throw blanket, make casual cascades and drape the blanket over the side of the sofa. Let the cascades fall from the back of the chair.

Formal- Bedroom Warmth

Draping the throw blanket over the end of the bed is probably one of the easiest ways of giving your bedroom a customized look. Take a large blanket, simply fold it lengthwise and drape it.

Now that you are on board for using throw blankets for customizing your home décor, visit our collection of Alpaca throw blankets at