​Sheep Wool vs. Alpaca Fiber

posted on 26th Aug 2014
​Sheep Wool vs. Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca Fiber

Is Alpaca Better Than Sheep Wool? A Face-Off

Known as the “Fiber of Gods,” by old South Americans, Alpaca Fleece is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of thermal fibers. However, the Alpaca Fleece is very similar to Sheep Wool in texture and therefore many people find it difficult to choose between traditional Sheep wool and Alpaca fiber. Well a quick face-off between the two might help you choose the better option:

Skin Comfort

Often, Sheep wool can trigger skin allergies, but Alpaca fiber is lanolin free, which reduces the risk of skin allergies to zero. Moreover, Alpaca fiber is soft and non-irritant to skin, unlike other types of wool.


Alpaca fleece, unlike Sheep wool, has an insulation core which makes it more thermal than any kind of wool. Moreover, Alpaca fiber also has higher tensile strength than wool, thus making it a perfect fiber for rough and long-term use. Sheep wool starts looking old after 8-10 washes, but the quality of Alpaca fiber is not impacted by water and dust.

Microbial Properties

When it comes to microbial properties, Alpaca fleece is way better than sheep wool. The fabric no doubt has higher thermal insulation, but has fine pores which allowair to pass through it, thus no stinking. Moreover, Alpaca has higher water resistance than Sheep wool, thus allowing it to soak humidity, dampness and sweat.

Shearing Process

Many of you might not know, but sheep wool is synthesized through a very cruel process called Mulesing. In this process, the wool-bearing skin (around buttocks area of Sheep) is literally ripped off through a surgical process. This may sound brutal, but all over the world, Sheep wool is manufactured through this process. Alpaca, on the other hand, is sheared very humanely, without harming Alpacas.


Sheep wool is available in only 2-3 colors (if you count every shade of white a different color), but Alpaca fleece is available in 11 different colors. Unlike Sheep wool, Alpaca fiber can be died to all colors. This is the reason that it has become an internationally recognized thermal fiber, used by fashion designers all over the world.

Alpaca is also a better option for fashion clothing because it can be synthesized into delicate textiles. Domestic spinners or home knitters all over the world prefer Alpaca over Sheep wool for manufacturing quality and thermally insulated garments.

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