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The extraordinary benefits of alpaca fiber

posted on 5th Nov 2014

Bucktoothed Alpaca

An Overview of benefits of Using Alpaca Fiber to Make Different Products

From winter wear and stylish garments, to throw blankets, Alpaca fiber can be used to make any product due to its superior quality, light weight and glossy texture. There are a number of benefits of using Alpaca fiber over other types of wools. Here is a quick looks at some of them:

1. Colors, Colors and Colors!

Alpaca is one if the richest fibers found in nature when it comes to color. Although the common breeds of Alpaca are found in the traditional shades of black, brown and white, the fiber can be found in more than 200 hundred shades including some amazing shades of peaches, reds and maroons. So if you are a color lover- go for alpaca fiber.

2. Oh That Gloss!

One of the most mesmerizing elements of Alpaca fiber that give it superior looks is its luster. The good part is, regardless of the number of washes and nature of use, the fiber never looks old. The main reason behind the eternal gloss is the texture of the fiber. Alpaca fleece is not wool, but it’s a fiber with an insulation core and fine pores. On the other hand, wool consists of heavy and closely knitted threads that start to look old if used roughly.

3. Light Weight

It’s easier to manage Alpaca fiber as compared to sheep or llama wool due to its light weight and natural fluff. Whether used for making Poncho or blankets, Alpaca fiber gives every product a classy and casual look.

4. Strength

Alpaca fiber has more tensile strength than any other fiber. You don’t have to handle the fabric with care. This is the reason; Alpaca carpets and mats are recommended for workplaces because their quality is not impacted by rough use.

5. Flame and Water Resistant

No other fiber in the world but Alpaca fiber has 100% immunity against flame, moisture and dust. You can use Alpaca rugs in the areas with highest probability of spiels and dust exposure.

6. Alpaca Fiber Does Not Stink!

Alpaca has fine pores that allow are to pass through the fiber. So if you sweat a lot, go for the anti-smell fiber.

Now that you know the benefits of using alpaca fiber for ma8ing various products, visit a good store in your locality and treat yourself to some good Alpaca stuff.

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