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Why use Alpaca Decor Items to make a Southwestern Theme for your Home

posted on 20th May 2016

Alpaca decor can be the perfect way to bring the feeling of the Southwest to your home. Evoking thoughts of fresh air, Red Rock sunsets and desert living.

If you want to bring the Southwest into your life, then adding Alpaca decor to any room is the way to do it. Take a look at some of the colorful table linens, throws and other items made from alpaca fiber - and remember that if you use alpaca decor then you are supporting the US alpaca farming industry - and the quality and pride that comes with things made in the USA.

Alpaca is superior to wool in many ways - being stronger, warmer, and smoother. The natural qualities of the fiber make it great for clothing, but it can be even better for decor since it is breathable, wind resistant and also is not prone to matting or pilling. It does not tend to build up static as much as synthetics, and it is fire resistant too. In addition, it is quite wrinkle resistant, so it is the ultimate in low-maintenance fabric.

This means that alpaca throws and cushions can look great in your living room, and you can even use alpaca curtains to get something that is just as thick and warming as wool curtains but lighter and less stuffy too.

Alpaca can be dyed just like wool, and that means it’s easy to find in a variety of shades - but you may as well opt for the traditional colors of the southwest for a rustic but bold desert feel. Woven, patterned rugs in deep oranges, bold reds and deep blues can help to make a hardwood floor seem a little more welcoming and will look great in front of any fireplace. In a large room, perhaps choose two rugs - one in front of the settee and one in front of the sofa so that your feet can feel the relaxing softness of the fabrics regardless of where you sit. Add in an alpaca throw in more muted tones, and your home will have that Southwest feel that you’ve been craving.

Alpaca rugs and throws are perfect for interior decorating because they lack the oils that tend to attract dust mites. This means that they're easy to keep clean and they're hypoallergenic too - so you can put them in a child's bedroom, for example, and not need to worry about them irritating their delicate respiratory system.

You can even use woven tapestries as a wall decoration. The fabric is far lighter than wool, so you can pin it up on a wall and not have to worry about it warping, stretching or being damaged, within reason. Surround your tapestry with some special vinyl wall art letters, and your wall is complete with minimal work. This makes it the perfect way to add character to hard to decorate rooms.

To really complete your space, use decorative items to compliment the alpaca fabrics in your home. Southwest themed wall art, a rustic, decorative cowboy hat, large, decorative clay vases and even some unique vinyl wall art should do the trick. Let your imagination be the guide here, but be careful not to add too many elements to any one room to keep it from feeling cluttered.

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