Chainette - Blend Baby Alpaca Yarn Wool 100 Grams Worsted Weight

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About our Chainette - Blend Baby Alpaca Yarn Wool 100 Grams Worsted Weight

Chainette - Blend Baby Alpaca Yarn By Alpaca Warehouse

A premium, soft and comfortable Baby Alpaca blend that can be used in a variety of projects. Using the quality Chainette Baby Alpaca Yarn Blend you can be sure to produce nice and warm scarves, hats, sweaters and baby blankets. The softness of alpaca needs to be tried to be believed. This alpaca yarn blend contains 30% baby alpaca fibers and 70% microfiber acrylic.

Why Choose Baby Alpaca Yarn?

Baby Alpaca fibers are hollow, allowing them to retain heat close to the skin for soothing warmth in cooler weather. Naturally moisture-wicking, the fibers are also temperature-regulating, allowing excess heat to dissipate staying cool when the weather warms up. Baby Alpaca wool yarn is extra soft and never itchy like traditional wool yarns for greater comfort close to the skin. Alpaca yarns are also hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

Care Instructions

All your Alpaca yarn projects need to be hand washed or professionally dry cleaned. Use a mild detergent when washing finished garments. Rinse well in cold water and avoid twisting or wringing. Gently press the garment to remove excess water from the fibers. Lay flat to dry to avoid stretching the garment. Fold and lay flat for safe storage.


Fiber content: 30% baby alpaca, 70% microfiber acrylic
Weight: Worsted
Yardage: 197 yards (180 meters)
Weight: 100 grams (3.54 ounces)
Recommended US size needle: 6-9
Care: Hand wash, dry flat

Curating a unique collection of Peruvian crafts, Alpaca yarns and clothing, Alpaca Warehouse works exclusively with local artisans in Peru and the Andean region to be able to provide you with affordable, quality clothing, home decor and craft materials.

  • QUALITY BABY ALPACA BLEND: Incredibly soft, the Chainette Baby Alpaca Blend is warm, comfortable and affordable. This quality baby alpaca blended yarn is hypoallergenic and can be used in a variety of projects like sweaters, scarves, hats and more.
  • NATURAL THERMAL PROPERTIES: In addition to its natural warmth, this baby alpaca yarn blend contains moisture-wicking fibers that provide unparalleled temperature regulation. The baby alpaca fibers transport moisture away from the source to the outside of the garment where it is able to evaporate. The wicking properties, combined with the low moisture absorbency of the fibers, result in better comfort and warmth when wearing garments made with authentic baby alpaca.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weight Category: Worsted, Yardage: 197 yards (180 meters), Weight: 100 grs (3.54 ounces), Recommended US size needle: 6-9. The fiber composition of the yarn is 30% baby alpaca and 70% microfibre acrylic.
  • CAREFULLY PRODUCED AND READY TO USE: All of our yarn is produced in Peru by skilled manufacturers to ensure you get a high quality and affordable product direct from the source. Garments produced with our baby alpaca blended yarn need to be hand washed with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid wringing and twisting, and gently press to remove water. Do not hang to prevent stretching and instead lay flat to dry.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, Alpaca Warehouse offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Purchase with confidence!