Holy Family Guided by Angels Framed Oil Painting On Copper 13"D (86-021-01769)

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About our Holy Family Guided by Angels Framed Oil Painting On Copper 13"D (86-021-01769)

This is a one of a kind, colonial art oil painting on copper, made in Cuzco/Peru.
The elegant beauty and exceptional quality of this outstanding piece of peruvian art are overwhelming.

A captivating oil depicting the Holy Family guided by angels.

This unique painting arrives to you in a stunning handcarved round cedar wood frame with mirror inlay.

Details are embellished with bronze leaf, an indicative of the artists of the Cuzco School of Arts.
This addition of stenciled or painted gold leaf onto oil paintings is called, as it was in early contracts, brocateado. It is also sometimes termed sobredorado (overgilding) and has also been described as escarchado.

The history of the Peruvian painting has its origins at the colonial era. The Spanish painters who arrived at the Viceroyalty of Peru taught their techniques to the local artists, and they began to shape in its linen cloths its own representations, proposing a new iconographic interpretation of the Peruvian reality. The catholic divinities were adapted to indigenous sensitivity and gave like result an own and singular way that had its maxim expression in the "School of Cusco Painting" ( La Escuela Cusqueña), during centuries XVII and XVIII.

Size: Frame: 13"D x 3"B Painting: 6"D

Material: Oil On Copper~Handcarved Cedar Wood & Mirror Inlay