Superfine Alpaca Wool Hood Hat & Scarf One Piece Soft And Warm

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This is a brand new original hat/beanie with an attached scarf (two in one piece) made of authentic SUPERFINE alpaca, one of the finest yarns in the world.
It is super soft and warm and features a gorgeous solid color. 
For the ultimate protection against the cold, make yours this original piece. 
Alpaca is considered one of the worlds few luxury fibers due to its unique properties of softness, luster, lightness, durability, & warmth. No other animal fiber combines ALL of these properties. 
Alpaca is also considered a specialty fiber as less alpaca fiber is produced each year than cashmere, angora rabbit, or mohair.

  • 75% alpaca wool / 25% merino wool
  • Handwash with warm water and a soft soap
  • Superfine Alpaca Wool Knitted Beanie Hat & Scarf in 1 Piece
  • Special design in solid color
  • Product dimension: 70"L x 10"W
  • By Alpaca Warehouse, made in Peru
  • Soft and warm, great for fall/winter


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    Perfect II

    Posted by Joseph A Orlow on 6th Nov 2019

    Just received my second cowlaclava*. I wanted to get a second one in black, but it seems I got the last black one the first time I ordered.

    This time I ordered gray. Both the black and gray hats match the charcoal gray turtleneck sweaters I've bought from this store.

    I work under what some might consider extreme cold conditions. Not extreme in terms of temperature as much as prolonged exposure to cold. I cover myself literally from head to toe with alpaca clothing, the exception being leggings. Affordable alpaca leggings have yet to come to market in the U.S. as far as I can tell.

    The challenge I used to have was keeping warm during cold weather. Now it's more making sure I don't overheat. Alpaca breathes very well, but it is still possible to overheat with it. It's a happy place to be having to be more concerned with how hot it is in the winter, as opposed to how cold it is. This hat will certainly contribute to maintaining the comfort level.

    As alluded to in the other review, this hat has the distinct advantage of morphing into several types of uses. It's a hat and scarf. It can be worn as a pure scarf. It can be worn as a cowlaclava with one side of the scarf pulled across the mouth and nose just leaving the eyes exposed, with the other side of the scarf protecting the neck, and the hat part acting as a hood.

    Wearing this hat is not an on or off option. There are a plethora of ways to wear it and to regulate the warmth the body generates.

    *Confer my other review, "Perfect", regarding the term "cowlaclava."

  • 5

    Posted by Joseph Orlow on 1st Nov 2019

    I took a chance buying this. I was leaning towards getting an alpaca balaclava from another company that costs about twice as much. Glad I got this instead.

    First, like all my alpaca clothes and blankets, it's amazingly warm.

    But it really shines in terms of style. The hat wears like the hooded part of a cowl. I can take the scarf part and cover my face like a balaclava also. This is just the look I wanted.

    So while this can be worn as a shawl for women, if you're a man don't let that stop you from getting one. I'm thinking of ordering another just in case they discontinue making these. It is too good not have a backup copy.

    I would like to coin a name for it, with the seller's permission. A mashup of "cowl" and "balaclava": cowlaclava. Or maybe balacowla?