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Woven Soft And Warm 100% Baby Alpaca Unisex Scarf Solid Color

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About our Woven Soft And Warm 100% Baby Alpaca Unisex Scarf Solid Color

This is a brand new woven scarf, made of 100% baby alpaca yarn, one of the finest yarns in the world.
Baby Alpaca is a quality of Alpaca Fiber that has a thinner diameter and a longer length. These properties make Baby Alpaca a premium luxury fiber, which is soft, smooth and shiny. 
This unique scarf is exquisitely soft and warm and features a gorgeous solid color. 
Alpaca is considered one of the worlds few luxury fibers due to its unique properties of softness, luster, lightness, durability, & warmth. No other animal fiber combines ALL of these properties. Alpaca is also considered a specialty fiber as less alpaca fiber is produced each year than cashmere, angora rabbit, or mohair. 
Experience the incredible properties of Alpaca fiber and enjoy extraordinary softness and warmth! 

  • Made of Pure Authentic 100% Baby Alpaca Wool
  • Woven Unisex Scarf
  • Solid color, perfect for any occasion
  • Product Dimensions: Scarf: 65" x 12.5"
  • By Alpaca Warehouse, made in Peru